IntPad Aku

A professional tool with which therapists can carry out acupressure therapy, irrespective of their type of therapy, the knowledge and experience.

Professional know-how, collected in one place and conveyed in a concise manner. Unprecedented ease of use.

Ongoing education and knowledge building.

More about education

How it works

In a matter of seconds, with just two steps, the therapist selects the ailment plaguing his client on the IntPad. After tapping the selected ailment on the screen, the device displays the combination of acupressure points that need to be stimulated. Choosing the right combination of points is the key to successful therapy. A video concisely and precisely shows the exact location of each point in the selected combination.

The unique design of the IntPad means it can be used at any time without interrupting the therapy.

The IntPad Pro offers therapies for over 200 different ailments. These encompass both minor health issues (e.g. headaches, back pains, etc.) and more serious conditions (e.g. inflammatory bowel disease, impotence, etc.). Further included are psychological issues (e.g. addictions, obesity, depression, etc.) and problems related to the modern lifestyle (such as stress or burnout). It also provides solutions to various problems associated with personal growth and emotions (e.g. stage fright, anger, etc.).

IntPad runs on a tablet computer.

Tablets offer many advantages, including their,handiness, ease of use, and ideal size for viewing and carrying around . Since tablets can be loaded with virtually unlimited amounts of data, they can later be upgraded to include other therapeutic approaches, for example foot reflexology, physiotherapeutic exercises, and many more. An important part of the upgrade tool is the educational section.


Further advantages of the IntPad, and no less important, are continuous education and knowledge building in the form of IntPad Edu, where subscribed users regularly receive various educational materials via a wireless connection.

These materials include educational materials on acupressure, traditional Chinese medicine and praxis, useful experience and practical advice, a selection of professional articles, summary reports from conferences and seminars, tips on how to professionally manage clients, advice on how to prepare a working space, common mistakes, and much more. The educational section has been designed in cooperation with several renowned experts who provided their knowledge and experience. Our users are kept up to date regularly with news from the world of therapies, ensuring that their work is always top-notch.

The materials provided come in many different formats, such as lecture video recordings, lecture notes, 3D animations, audio recordings, and so on. IntPad thus solves the usual problem of expensive education and training courses, which often offer no further support as well.

Areas for which IntPad Edu provides education, information, and solutions

  • Accessing consolidated professional information
  • Establishing and expanding expertise
  • Optimizing business efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improving competitiveness and gaining recognition
  • Meeting high demands from clients
  • Combining different methods and providing a wide range of services
  • Overcoming hindrances of performing previously-learned therapies (for example, due to uncertainty or fear of performing them)
  • Tackling misleading information about the profession and the associated mistrust from clients

User benefits

  • Condensed professional knowledge in one place, available anytime and anywhere
  • Easy to use with clear presentations and quick responsiveness
  • Fast, simple, and efficient learning - no previous knowledge required
  • Ongoing expansion and refreshing of knowledge as well as broader education in the specialized field
  • Extensive range of solutions offered for the clients' problems
  • Higher efficiency and effectiveness of existing therapies – improved results and added value for the clients
  • All knowledge derived directly from practice by therapists and professionals, with a special emphasis on advantages and experience as well as reminders for possible mistakes
  • Optimization of business activity, improved competitiveness, and potentially higher earnings
  • An affordable tool that provides ongoing education and eliminates the need for expensive additional educational activities
  • Business opportunities for brokers (for additional information, contact marjan@intpad.net)


Tablet technical specifications

  • Screen diagonal: 7" (17.8 cm)
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Screen type: Capacitive multi-touch screen
  • Camera resolution: 2 MP (back), 0.3 MP (front)
  • Processor: ARM Cortex A9 Dual-Core (1.6 GHz)
  • Memory: 1 GB DDR3
  • Internal storage: 8 GB
  • Card reader: Micro SD, Micro SDHC
  • Graphics: Mali 400 QuadCore
  • Sound: integrated speaker
  • Wireless and mobile connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: no
  • GPS: n0
  • Integrated technologies/sensors: G-Sensor, Video Accelerator, 3D Accelerometer, OpenGL 2.0
  • Ports: 1 x Micro USB, 1 x 3.5 mm jack, 1 x Mini HDMI
  • Operating system: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • Battery: 4000 mAh Li-polymer
  • Color: black
  • Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 18.8 x 11.6 x 0.9 cm
  • Weight: 305 g
  • Included accessories: USB cable, charging cable, protective sleeve
  • 2-year warranty

IntPad Aku Basic

The device contains combinations of acupressure points for the remedying of 80 ailments. It does not contain therapies for psychological issues, sex-related issues, addictions, emotions, etc.
  • 1 x tablet PC
  • 1 x IntPad Aku Basic (80 combinations of acupressure points)
490,00 EUR

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IntPad Aku Pro

The device contains combinations of acupressure points for the remedying of more than 200 ailments and can also be upgraded with new combinations within the scope of the educational materials.
  • 1 x tablet PC
  • 1 x IntPad Aku Pro (over 200 combinations of acupressure points)
  • 1x professional acupressure stick for easier stimulation
  • 1 x 6-month subscription to IntPad Edu
  • updates
  • upgrades available
680,00 EUR

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Submit your contact data and we will arrange for a telephone presentation or, if available in your area, a personal presentation of the device.



Our IntPad is the outcome of several years of development. Experts from various fields focused on creating a tool for acupressure therapies that is both professional and easy to use.

Up until now, locating acupressure points either required specialist knowledge and was thus available only to medical professionals, or it was too general, inaccurate, and hence ineffective.

Together with physician Dr. Milena Plut-Podvršič, an acupuncturist with over 30 years of clinical experience, we have developed a tool that offers both simplicity and outstanding precision in locating acupressure points. This means that it can be used by every therapist, regardless of their field of expertise.

The videos that guide you through locating individual points were recorded in a studio and are enhanced with graphical representations, spoken instructions (which can be muted), and subtitles.

Quick access to the correct order of acupressure points

The second goal in the development of the device was to prepare numerous therapies – combinations of acupressure points – that need to be stimulated in order to remedy various ailments. Until now, setting up a proper therapy has required several years of study, because there are more than 365 acupressure points, and their individual locations are very difficult to memorize. Even more difficult to memorize are the combinations of points for the remedy of each individual ailment.

So far, therapists had to carry numerous books and notes in order to perform the therapy in a competent and correct manner. The therapist also required lengthy preparations for each individual patient. Precisely due to the levels of difficulty in setting up the therapy and the required amounts of prior knowledge, acupressure never gained widespread popularity among therapists – despite its extraordinary effectiveness and the straightforwardness with which it can be carried out.

We were determined to change all of that, which is why we offered therapies for remedying over 200 ailments with the IntPad. We summed up more than 3000 years of acupressure development. The keystone in this process was the decades of experience from one of the leading experts in the field, Dr. Milena Plut-Podvršič.

Broad range of educational contents

The third important goal in the development of our tool was to ensure ongoing education and guidance. The therapist must regularly expand his or her knowledge, keep up with current events in the field, and follow the trends. Of course, this requires investing large amounts of time and funds ¬– sources and training courses are very expensive.

This is why we introduced IntPad Edu – a part of our IntPad concept, dedicated to education and guidance, where we combined the experience from experts and therapists in various fields. This will enable users with an IntPad Edu subscription to regularly receive useful materials directly to their tablet: in addition to educational materials for improving the quality of their therapeutic work, they will also receive advice on how to optimize their business activities, and how to develop a professional relationship with their clients.

In the future subscribers will also benefit from educational materials in medical fields such as anatomy or physiology, as well as other integrative approaches. This is where we will also provide you with practical advice from our users and their results.


What is acupressure?

Acupressure is very similar to acupuncture, which is better known in the Western world – the difference is that instead of needles, acupressure uses pressure to stimulate certain points (using a finger or a tool). We must know where the acupressure points are located, which combination to stimulate in order to remedy a particular ailment, and how to correctly stimulate these points.

Acupressure stems from Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and its traditions reach more than 3000 years into the past. This represents more than 3000 years of development, improvement, testing, and continuous reshaping that is still taking place today. Within the past decade, acupressure broke through into modern science, gaining wide recognition and sophistication all across the globe.

Nowadays, this kind of therapy is at the forefront of alternative methods all over the world. Numerous countries are introducing acupuncture and acupressure into regular medical practice as an aid to self-medicate. More and more insurance companies are including coverage for these forms of treatment within the scope of regular health insurance.

How acupressure works

In Western medicine acupressure is explained as the transfer of signals through nerves and muscles, nervous switches in the spinal cord, and locations of individual nervous connections (synapses). Many acupressure points are located precisely where nerves are connected to each other. By pressing on acupressure points, we cause a response in another part of the body (including muscles, internal organs, and hormonal glands) precisely due to the connections and switches between various nerves. Thereby, we can influence the correct functioning of the organism.

Acupressure is a way of obtaining conscious control over the autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system that regulates involuntary functions of the organism, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and secretion of hormones). According to the explanation from Traditional Chinese medicine, either a blockage or an excessive flow of biopotential in the body causes the organism to function poorly and leads to pathological changes in the locations of the blockage. By pressing on these points, we accelerate or decelerate the flow of the biopotential (the energy, called Qi or Chi) that flows through channels – meridians. We thereby restore the natural balance and enable the body to function at optimal potential.

Why acupressure?

  • Clinically confirmed effects
  • Most natural, innocuous, and noninvasive method
  • Extraordinary results
  • Exceptionally easy to perform
  • Superbly combinable with other therapies
  • No known side effects
  • Can be performed as an independent therapy
  • Effects remain long after the end of the treatment (up to several years)
  • No age limits
  • Relatively inexpensive initial and continuing education
  • Relatively fast earnings

Users opinions

»After stimulation, I feel relaxed and less tense, more peaceful ... On the whole I am so satisfied. Thank you.«

- Greta M.

»I suffered from tension headaches al least once a fortnight, if times were stressful, I even had one headache a week. The worst sometimes lasted for 2 days. Headache usually began with specific pain in the neck and later spread all over the head. I was on painkillers all the time and I usually took a piil at the first sign of headache. I was first following instructions of Milena Plut-Podvršič, when I started with acupressure for headaches, I started more out of respect, but once I pressed the two points on the head in a few minutes all signs of headache was gone. Then I started with using acupressure regularly. I don't have tension headaches for more than a year, my neck and shoulder muscles are completely relaxed and I feel great.«

- Blaž B.

»2 or 3 times a month, I had these severe headaches and no pills or anything else helped. Then I found out about acupressure and after only one therapy headaches miraculously stopped, although it is said in the instructions, it would be necessary to repeat this therapy  every day for one week. After 3 months I got a headache again and I started with acupressure therapy. Since then, I don't have headaches for more than half a year.«

- Srečo Š.

»I was dealing with burning treatment for 3 weeks. During this time we have managed to reduce the most drastic excess of stress hormones. I'm satisfied and would like to compliment your attitude to customers, which is excellent, too.«

- Luka A.

»My experiences with acupressure points are good. I was dealing with stomach problems, back pain, migraine, tennis elbow and other problems. In most cases I used 5 points. In the case of headache and tennis elbow pain eased after 5 minutes. All my clients stimulate points on a daily basis and progress was noticeable. A also use acupressure in reflex and tuina massage and results are great, better. The program is very good, points are very well presented, they're easy to find and to remember. Even so, people need to notice changes in their bodies, so they can observe and present their responses to therapy.«

- Nataša B.

»The program is easy to use, it's very transparent and covers a wide range of diseases and problems. Areas are very, as I said, transparent and lead you from your problem or disease to the points for therapy. A lot of help with my family and clients. I even have one great example: A man who had problems with his knee due to overloaded tranings. After 4 treatments he was already competing. IntPad is a great solution, because you can put in any little bigger purse and go anywhere. I always take it with me on vacation, cuz there I have plenty of time for myself, my family and friends.«

- Lidija Ž.

»The program is very illustrative and loaded on tablet is much more useful than a DVD. With acupressure I lost some weight 2 years ago, but now I successfully defend myself from allergy to grass and spring flowering trees.«

- Bara P. T.

»My experience with acupressure is more than excellent. Middle-aged women have usually problems with extra weight and fat that gathers around waist, hips and thighs. By performing acupressure I lost 13 kg – without hunger and norvousness that is so typical for slimming diets. You just need to find right acupressure points and stimulate them, every day, if possible. No prior knowledge is necessary to have, so this is perfect tool for whole family. The program leads you step by step and I must say that again – acupressure really works!«

- Jana L. T.

»I use IntPad in practice successfully and it's really great when I have this weird feeling I forgot something, I'm just a click or two away from right information. I don't need to look and losing nerves with my notes. Everything is tidy, short, easy. You combined ancient knowledge with advanced technology perfectly. Bravo!«

- Irena M.

»Mother was lying for 8 months after stroke. After our first treatment leg cramps and pain were finished. After other therapy she started to move her hands and feet. After 4th treatment she began to sit around and with my help she also picked up a little on her feet. Progress. Lady has 150 kg, so I can't raise her up, but I noticed signicifant progress.«

- Katja J.

»After 2 therapies the swelling on my client's leg went back down and my client can walk without crutches again.«

- Katja J.

»My friend has had very severe heart surgery and after that his left shoulder was hard. He came to me for a first time a month ago and first of all, I just rubbed his shoulder, but he was in pain every time I started with therapy. The next two treatments was just a little step and when he came to me for third therapy, he said: »My shoulder is fine.« »Excellent,« I replied to him, »then we'll have some brandy.« And we did.«

- Zvonko M.

»I find the program very convenient. Menu comes in handy for reflex and tuina massage. I tried with stimulation of acupressure point on myself, my family and friends and we all had really good, positive results. The presentation of points is great, so they're easy to find and even better, I can easily memorize all new knowledge. I'm very satisfied with the program and I'm looking forward to your seminar.«

- Nataša B.

»My mother (a woman in her 80s) has acute sciatica. After the third treatment only with acupressure (I don't want to try with massage due to pain and Kinesio Taping is not an option due to problems with too thin skin) can already bend, she sleeps peacefully at night and from all the pain she only has this »tingling« in her feet.«

- Zvonko M.

»I can present you a case of shoulder calcination (which is going on for almost a year, but the man came to me just two weeks ago), where I used massage and acupressure. The situation got a little bit better when i added Kinesio Taping, but I have this feeling that acupressure helps much more than massage,  because the muscles during therapy don't harden back.«

- Zvonko M.

»Again and again I am amazed at that acupressure. Last, a lady with insomnia came to therapy. Her insomnia started in September and after only three treatments she sleeps like a baby. Thank you so much for the program.«

- Barbara K.

»Impressive results with the shoulder! When I was stimulating the acupressure point, my client really could raise her hand higher. When I was holding her points above the navel, she felt a fever and shiver run through her and my fingers have started to hurt terribly. Anyways, I completed the therapy and suddenly we both felt cold in her body. I removed an enormous energy blockade in area of her stomach. At that moment her hands started to run wild. Crazy! Thank you for your advice and I'm looking forward to some more educative seminars.«

- Katja J.

»A friend of mine wanted to try therapy for tachycardia. In first therapy, she was really enjoying in stimulation of acupressure points, she told me that feelings were great. Now our therapies continues ....«

- Andraž J.

»The idea and realisation of the program are clearly fantastic. Point are clearly shown, explanations are excellent and you simply and quickly enable immediate action. Before IntPad, I needed really long time to prepare prior to each treatment. I was losing time by writing and research, but now my preparation is significantly reduced and I'm deeply grateful.«

- Irena M.